Helping You Invest In Florida Real Estate

Finding the right avenue to channel these urges becomes essential as people look to different avenues to invest their hard-earned money. Those looking at the real estate market need to find the area with the right investment opportunity to see a good return. It’s why more people are looking to invest in Florida, California, and Texas real estate.

When you invest in Florida real estate, you have a unique opportunity to find the right fit that will deliver impressive returns on your investment — if you know where and how to look.

Loan House has the expertise and experience to help investors take advantage of a robust and evolving real estate market in CA, FL, and TX, and see the kinds of returns they need for their money. Whether you are looking for a secondary mortgage, a fix and flip a property, vacation homes, or planning the next stage of your life, we can help you find the right market and right property for you!

Loans For Investment Property

Depending on your desires and long-term goals, you can find different loans for your investment property that best suits your needs. Establishing a set path ahead for your investment future can help you ensure you get the returns you want on your newest investment property.

We can help find the right loans for your investment property and ensure you get the best rates possible for your situation. Understanding how you plan to use the property can help us determine the best course of action and what type of loan you need to get the most out of your latest investment.

Fix And Flip Investment Loans

With real estate inventory at all-time lows, there has never been a better time to invest in “fix and flip” properties. Financing offered up to 90% of acquisition price and renovation costs. Don’t miss this opportunity to cash in on this hot market. Limited documentation required. Fast closings.

As more investors look through the FL, CA, and TX real estate markets for inexpensive homes to flip for a profit, finding the right loans for the job means knowing where to look and that the initial cost might be higher than anticipated for their fix and flip investment loans.

With the right partner on your side, you can sidestep potential pitfalls in securing your fix and flip investment loans. We have the expertise to help you find the best possible loan terms for your newest investment and ensure you make the right decision when you invest in the Florida real estate market.

12-Month Bank Statements and No Debt Ratio

We understand that self-employed borrowers do all they can do to mitigate exposure to income tax, and we have developed multiple products that enable borrowers to qualify for financing based on deposits into their personal and or business accounts. As well, we are currently offering a product that does not require disclosure of income or employment, thereby bypassing the need to calculate a “debt-to-income” (DTI) ratio. Call us today for more information.

We strive to help real estate investors make the right decisions with their money and find the perfect properties for their secondary mortgages. In addition to helping people better invest in Florida, Texas, and California real estate, the Loan House team also provides the following services:

Our team can help you through the financing process for real-estate owned properties and inform you what you need in order to qualify and how the process works, including;

Qualify Based on Rental Income Cash Flow

No Tax Returns Required. Income qualification is based on the “cash flow” or “debt-service” ratio of monthly rental income to monthly PITI. Debt ratios may exceed 100% with other compensating factors. Call us today for a quick consultation.

How It Works

An assigned appraiser will determine the fair market rent (FMR) for the subject property. The fair market rent is then compared to the monthly principal and interest, taxes and insurance, and HOA (PITI), and a “debt-service coverage ratio” or DSCR is calculated. Ideally, monthly PITI is less than the monthly fair market rent, but in some cases, Investors may be eligible with PITI in excess of the FMR.

Investors may be eligible for financing with as little as a 20% down payment.

The better the credit score, the better the financing terms, but investors are eligible for financing with credit scores as low as 660.

In most cases, investors will need to show a minimum of 6 months of PITI reserves in some form of liquid assets.

Limited experience is needed to qualify, but certainly the more history an investor has, the more favorable the loan terms.

When you plan to invest in Florida real estate, knowing how and where to make your initial investment can significantly impact your real estate portfolio moving forward. With the right mortgage broker on your side, you can ensure you get the best rates on your loans and make your next investment a successful one. Contact us to schedule your first appointment and get the complete picture of your next investment today!